Utah State Senator, District 23
Today is July 25, 2016
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Dan Eastman - It's About the Future

Public service is about the future.

Liberty is the essence of the American dream. As public servants, we need to keep that uppermost in our minds.

I approach public service with one goal in mind: to help ensure my grandchildren will be free to follow their dreams and have the same opportunities I had.

Government’s role needs to be closely defined, and carefully watched — its powers must be limited, and its growth must be contained. However, there are a few things only it can do. In those areas it must work well and efficiently.

As your State Senator and Senate Majority Whip, I expect more from state and local government. I insist on accountability. Public servants at every level need to remember they serve by the will of the people and that the money they spend is not theirs — it’s the taxpayers.

This is my pledge and my focus as I continue to serve you in the Utah State Senate. Please contact me any time with your concerns or suggestions.


Senator Dan R. Eastman


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